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Let Us Help You Find That Shining Star

At People Plus Solutions, we understand that time is money. We also understand that wasted time making the wrong hiring decision is wasted money.

The owner of People Plus Solutions has over 22 years’ experience within the local market specializing in Logistics and Manufacturing. It is the knowledge and expertise gained from this experience that has allowed People Plus Solutions to form long standing partnerships while always providing superior service to our clients, regardless of the state of the marketplace.

22 years of living and staffing in the local market means that we have close ties to our business community, and a strong network of both passive and active candidates. WE are often the first to know of those candidates who are confidentially searching for that next career move. We understand the importance of confidentiality when assisting these candidates with their search.

At People Plus Solutions, we do not take a cookie cutter approach to staffing. We understand that each of our clients have hiring requirements that are specific to their industry and cultural climate. As such, we conduct searches and interviews that are specific to those hiring needs based on our client and job profiles.

At People Plus Solutions, we value relationships.

When Partnering with us, you can expect:

  • Transparency…. If we do not feel like we will be able to find you the right fit, we will communicate this up front so that you can explore other avenues. Again, we understand that time is money.
  • Communication…. We under promise and over deliver. We set realistic expectations for all our client requests and keep these expectations up to date with consistent communication throughout the hiring process.
  • Collaboration…. Our goal is to collaborate with your organization so that over time we become a trusted advisor.
  • Consistent Hiring Process…. Both our Contract and Professional Placements follow a Consistent Hiring Process. We pre-screen, conduct informational and behavioral interviews, check references, and then conduct additional screening that matches are client’s hiring policies. We then orientate our candidates to your organization and the job position.
  • Skills…. When Searching for the Right Fit, we screen for both the hard skills (work experience) needed
    to do the job, and the soft skills that are needed to be successful. We look for traits such as:


    • Positive Attitude
    • Professional Demeanor
    • Reliability
    • Flexibility
    • Motivation to do a good job
    • Openness to Change
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Ability to Communicate
    • Accountability
  • Follow Up…. Once we have placed that Super Star, we’ll follow up on a regular basis to make sure our candidates are meeting your expectations and that our partnership is running as fluidly as it possibly can.

Ready to Form a Great Partnership and let us help you find your next Superstar. Contact Us Today!

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